X17-Series High Output Double Row Lightbars
X17 Led light bar high output fron view showing lens design
X17 Series side view
X17 Series rear view should cooling fins
Top view of X17 showing cooling fins and lumen bomber logo
X17 Series complete mounting options
X17-Series High Output Double Row Lightbars
X17 DTP connectors for high power output stability

X17-Series High Output Double Row Lightbars

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The X17-series is the most powerful LED bar in our line up, Harnessing the ridiculous power of the new CREE XML-2 LED Chips and paired with our optics and circuit system this light bar is not to be taken lightly. Ranging from 7.5inch at 120 watt to 21.5inch at 320 watt, we challenge you to find a light bar punching out more power per inch. 

Turn night to day


There was no point to use such a high output LED chip without quality optics to harness the raw power of it. To be able to throw all those beautiful lumens hundreds of meters down range, and for them to still be neatly crafted into a smooth even pattern? We have it covered, upon testing we realized that these lights had exceeded even our own crazy expectations - we had unleashed a true LED monster! 

The smallest LED lightbar in this series, the X-17 7.5inch. This series uses genuine CREE XML-2 LEDs selected for their high output and reliability. They emit a crystal white 6000K colour providing clarity and visual definition. 


Our PowerFlow technology introduces a new level to LED circuitry. Allowing the XML-2 LED chips to be reliably powered at 100% capacity with no overheating or burnouts and still utilizing a huge 97% of all input power. 


Mounted with over engineered cast lower mounts, this light bar isn't going anywhere once its bolted down. 

The power is at your fingertips - Each bar is sold with our hassle free Plug and Play wiring loom to get your lights installed quicker and easier. 


With the intended use of these LED bars in mind, it is without saying that they will be getting submerged and exposed to extreme and unforgiving conditions so durability was always an essential part of the build. 

  • With more power, there is more heat. An oversize circuit board and heat sink is installed in all these lights to enhance heat dissipation and greatly extend operational life. 
  • Use of a robust 6063 extruded aluminium housing that is shock plus impact resistant paired with a genuine Lexan Len that is literally almost unbreakable make the perfect outside layer to house the precious internal mechanics. 
  • Reverse polarity protection (Sometimes you just don’t get it right) 
  • Over heat protection 
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Genuine Osram LEDs 50,000 + hour life span 
  • UV coated Lexan Lens
  • PowerFlow™ Circuit board
  • Military breather
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating 
  • Operating voltage 10v-30v DC 


We pride our self on superior build and quality control, so we are confident in offering you a 5 year warranty against any defects.