Pathfinder side view
Pathfinder side view with logo
Pathfinder front view showing unique lens design
Rear view showing cooling fin design
Cooling fin design
Military style breathers
Superior cooling fin design
Pathfinder Single Row Driving Lights
Pathfinder Single Row Driving Lights

Pathfinder Single Row Driving Lights

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The Pathfinder series is a powerful single row Light bar, Developed for use as a driving light in a low profile package. The powerful 5w Cree XML 2 LEDs are located in the top of the housing, shining down into the optics and casting a long straight driving beam. This optic design provides more focus and offers less beam reflection from sign posts and road markers reducing eye strain under long continuous use. 


We have found no other LED light bar that performs better than this as a distance driving light... Yes It's lens design is different, but in this case - different is good! 

Designed as a driving light, we chose to use genuine Cree XML-2 LEDs selected to emit a crystal white 6000K colour that helps prevent eye strain and provides maximum visual recognition for the human eye.

The Pathfinder excels at distance lighting, to provide focused light beyond the reach of factory headlights, Making it an excellent tool for night driving. If you're looking for a wide field of view for close range lighting then you're probably better off trying our X7 or S7 Line up. 

(See performance charts at bottom of page)


Each bar is sold with our hassle free Plug and Play wiring loom to get your lights installed quicker and easier. Sizes ranging from 6'' to 40'' and sliding lower mounts cater to a huge variety of situations. 


With the intended use of these LED bars in mind, it is without saying that they will be getting submerged and exposed to extreme and unforgiving conditions so durability was always an essential part of the build.

 An over sized heatsink and cooling fins enhances heat dissipation and provides ample cooling for our PowerFlow™ circuit board.


 Fitted with a 2 Military grade breathers for pressure equalization.
  • Colour Temperature, 6000k
  • Working temperature: -40 - +80 Degrees C
  • 9-32v, Will work on all vehicles providing between these values
  • Use of a robust 6063 extruded aluminium housing that is shock plus impact resistant paired with a genuine Lexan Len that is literally almost unbreakable - these make the perfect outside layer to house the precious internal mechanics. 
  • Reverse polarity protection (Sometimes you just don’t get it right) 
  • Over heat protection 
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Genuine Cree XML-2 LEDs 50,000 + hour life span 
  • PowerFlow™ Circuit board
  • 2x Military grade breather
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating 


We pride our self on superior build and quality control, so we are confident in offering you a 5 year warranty against any defects. 




Performance Charts (Open in new tab for expanded view)

Pathfinder 6inch 1 LUX at 260m

Pathfinder 10.5inch 1 LUX at 350m

Pathfinder 19 inch 1 LUX at 500m

Pathfinder 23 inch 1 LUX at 542m 

Pathfinder 31.5 inch 1 LUX at 660m

Pathfinder 40 inch 1 LUX at 760m