Why Lumen Bomber?

To us, once you install a LED light you should be able to count on it every time it’s needed, with out fail. Our LED lights are designed for performance and durability in real world situations, because we know they arent for show. forget concerns about maintenance or what conditions you’re exposing it to. Every product we sell, is something we ourself would be prepared to use and rely on - and in today’s market, that’s saying something. 

Our goal is to provide professional lighting solutions, at an affordable price. Not just products that look good and work well - but products that outperform and outlast anything on the market, something that becomes an invaluable asset to those who use it. 

What you can count on:

A Lumen Bomber product ensures that darkness, unforgiving terrain, shock, dirt and humidity will not affect your adventure. 

You can count on the use of high quality UV coated optics paired with genuine OSRAM and CREE LED chips for exceptional light projection and visibility. Durable shock and water proof housings will protect and provide you with years of maintenance free service life and to top it all off, all our LED Light Bars come with a 5 year warranty against defects. 

- LumenBomber