S7-Series Single Row Lightbars
S7 LED light bar front view
S7 LED light bar side view
S7-Series Single Row Lightbars
S7 mounting options
Front view of S7 LED light bar showing lens design
S7-Series Single Row Lightbars
S7-Series Single Row Lightbars
Water proof DT connector

S7-Series Single Row Lightbars

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The S7-Series is the single row light bar you've long been asking for. Built on the same platform as the X7-Series as you should expect, it offers outrageous performance and of course - it's as tough as it looks.


The optics in this series have been extensively researched and developed to provide an outstanding 94% optical efficiency, offering a beam quality that is equal to, if not better than many big names in this industry.

This series only uses genuine German OSRAM LEDs selected to emit a perfect crystal white 5700K colour that eliminates eye strain and provides maximum vision  for the human eye. 


Our PowerFlow technology introduces a new level to LED circuitry. Allowing the German OSRAM Olsen LED chips to be reliably powered at 100% capacity with no overheating or burnouts and still utilizing a huge 97% of all input power. 


We like to keep things easy here, so each bar comes fitted with an environmentally sealed DT connector and our "Plug and Play" wiring loom included in the box. Just join the DT connector on the LED bar and wire loom together, connect the wiring loom to the positive and negative terminals of your battery, then you're away laughing - easy as that. 

With powder coated 3mm stainless steel side mounts with angle adjustment, a huge range of sizes and coming in at only 6.1cm tall - it give this LED bar potential to be mounted anywhere. 


With the intended use of these LED bars in mind, it is without saying that they will be getting submerged and exposed to extreme and unforgiving conditions so durability was always an essential part of the build. 

  • Oversized circuit board and heat sink enhances heat dissipation and greatly extends operational life. 
  • Use of a robust 6063 extruded aluminium housing that is shock plus impact resistant paired with a genuine Lexan Lens that is almost unbreakable make the perfect outside layer to house the precious internal mechanics. 
  • Reverse polarity protection (Sometimes you just don’t get it right) 
  • Over heat protection 
  • Oversized 3mm thick 304 stainless steel side mounts and corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Military grade breathers
  • PowerFlow™ Circuit board
  • Genuine Osram LEDs 50,000 + hour life span 
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating 
  • Operating voltage 10v-30v DC 


We pride our self on superior build and quality control, so we are confident in offering you a 5 year warranty against any defects. 


Size Chart

LED Light A B C D E Watts Led's
S7 8.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 193mm 211mm 30 6
S7 12.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 295mm 312mm 50 10
S7 22.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 549mm 566mm 100 20
S7 32.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 803mm 820mm 150 30
S7 42.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 1057mm 1075mm 200 40
S7 52.5inch 51mm 61mm 63.5mm 1311mm 1326mm 250 50