Night Hawk Driving Lights
Night Hawk LED driving lights, side view of both 8inch and 7.5 inch
Lens design of Night Hawk LED driving lights
Night Hawk Driving Lights
Night Hawk Driving Lights
Night Hawk Driving Lights
Rear view of Night Hawk LED driving lights and mounting options
Night Hawk Driving Lights
Night Hawk Driving Lights
Night Hawk Driving Lights

Night Hawk Driving Lights

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Welcome to Lumen Bomber's Night Hawk Series Driving Lights. These lights are the pinnacle of our research, employing everything we know and love about LED lighting.

Night driving takes regular hazards that are easily avoidable, and blows them into something potentially a lot more serious - complete, unobstructed vision is critical for driver safety and awareness. This light needed to provide critical berm lighting to recognize hazards in your peripheral, powerful light projection for oncoming hazards, along with reliability and durability. All in a compact and usable size. 

The Night Hawk series is our answer.  


There is no equal, the light projection of these spot lights to put it simply - is astonishing. A 5 degree Hyper Spot lens and 50 degree low angle flood lens together, creates an incredibly practical combo. The Night Hawk 8.5inch creating 1 Lux of light at 810m, with 60m spread. The 7inch creating 1 Lux at 720m with 60m spread. This series isn't to be taken lightly.

This series only uses genuine German OSRAM Olsen LEDs selected to emit a perfect crystal white 5700K colour that eliminates eye strain and provides maximum vision for the human eye. 


Our PowerFlow technology introduces a new level to LED circuitry. Allowing the German OSRAM Olsen LED chips to be reliably powered at 100% capacity with no overheating or burnouts and still utilizing a huge 97% of all input power. 

Amp Draw:

Night Hawk 7inch  3.3A@24v
Night Hawk 8.5inch 3.7A@24v  


Each light comes with its own heavy duty 4mm thick stainless steel mount with angle adjustment. Adjustable mounting holes and rubber coated clamping brackets mean that this light is going nowhere once installed.     

The Night Hawk spotlights come with our double plug, Plug and Play wiring loom to get your spotlights installed quicker, easier and both wired onto the same switch. 

Available in 7'' or 8.5'' and with a slim design they can fit into most factory bumpers without issue. 


These lights had to be able to withstand any conditions thrown there way, so we knew they had to be made tough. 

  • Oversized circuit board and heat sink enhances heat dissipation and greatly extend operational life. 
  • Use of a robust 6063 extruded aluminium housing that is shock plus impact resistant paired with a genuine hardened Lexan Len that is literally almost unbreakable - make the perfect outside layer to house the precious internal mechanics. 
  • Reverse polarity protection (Sometimes you just don’t get it right) 
  • Over heat protection 
  • Oversized 4mm thick 304 stainless steel adjustable side mounts and corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • CE, RoHs and EMC approved
  • Genuine OSRAM Olsen LEDs 50,000 + hour life span 
  • Military grade breathers
  • PowerFlow™ Circuit board
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating 
  • Operating voltage 10v-30v DC 


We pride our self on superior build and quality control, so we are confident in offering you a 5 year warranty against any defects.